Plagiarism is indeed encountered as disliked specie when it comes to writing. It is considered one of the deadly sins in writing that strictly gets your paper terminated without further ado. In order to pass a writing paper whether academic, essay or any other, it is obligatory to prevent plagiarism at all cost.

Writer Plagiarism

Plagiarism simply means to copy one’s material and label it as your own. It is not only against social values but also one’s moral values similar to that of stealing. Plagiarism is not as simple as copying one’s published data but copying someone’s ideas and rephrasing it in your own words such to be credited is as well regarded as plagiarism. Plagiarism can be of many types starting from copying quotes to copying references to copying information, anything that’s not yours but labeling as yours own asset is termed under plagiarism.

Similarly, there are many software that have been devised such to spot the one’s undergoing plagiarism on purpose. The software to check plagiarism is widely adopted by teachers, professors and everyone related to educated institutes. This software has gone viral at present era to spot the plagiarized data even by a simple user due to the fact of highly demanding students or writers who look up on the internet and seek relevant information without putting much of hard work. However, those individuals get to pay later. So what do students do to avoid plagiarism? How can they earn distinction in academics and not academic dishonesty?

The prior element that leads students to get plagiarism free work is to utilize their knowledge such to frame an original paper for their writing assignment.

It could be difficult to frame an original work within short span of time by any student knowing that there are several other things that has to be worked out in daily routine of an individual. The best way to cope up with situations where plagiarism is least encouraged is with distribution of content into small topics that could be researched easily. Upon application of such an act, the burden that emphasizes upon the submission of written papers can be lessened to an extent where students can easily manage their daily tasks. Framing an original paper on topics where students are least interested gives rise to plagiarism acts that allows them to gain academic dishonesty. Another methodology adopted by students to work on plagiarism free paper is to thoroughly go through a content on internet that has reference with the assigned academic topic such that a clear view is presented on the view point of the idea upon which the paper would be based. After this, the student could write it in his/her own words from the idea that has been extracted from the reference. Another references widely employed are books, articles, journals, thesis, patents (in case of case study) and many more. The content available is of wide extent but many of which are least bothered by students and plagiarism happen.

Group studies have proved to be a wide source of knowledge to benefit the academics in a way where students fully and actively take part owing to the same mentality level that discusses ideas for academic papers. These small groups count to have a huge impact on each and every student who becomes a part of it due to the fact that a diversified approach is given to a specified topic rather than a student working on academic assignment on their own. Team work is aid to multiply profits and ,in this case, the students multiply ideas towards their creative approach to evaluate a topic. This minimizes plagiarism.

In short, plagiarism has to be eliminated at any cost by student such to avoid academic dishonesty either by extracting ideas from references or taking part in group studies.