At the end of each semester, a college student is expected to submit a research paper or a term paper for his major or for specific classes. While students may be inspired to learn about certain things that were not well covered in class, they face a problem when it comes to narrowing down the topic for the discussion. In fact, the most difficult part of the research for college students is to find the right topic for the research paper.

Students get overwhelmed when it comes to their final topic choice due to the numerous possible topics that all sound perfect for their research. That is why, they need some guidelines when it comes to finalizing their choice. Unfortunately, professors and advisers are not always excited to help the students make this decision. Luckily, I am here to share the secrets of picking the perfect essay topic without having to break a sweat.

List the Possible Topics for Research

The professor might give a generalized instruction for the research, leaving the actual topic for the paper as a choice to be made by the student. In this case, the student has free rein to list down all possible general topics or sub-topics related to the general instruction. This narrows down the possible topics for discussion.

Data Access

Some students base their topic choice on the availability of related information. Based on the list of topics, an online search can inform the student as to whether it will be easy to acquire reliable sources of information for the topic. The more data is available, the more possible it will be for the student to choose the right topic. The student can shorten the list of possible topics for discussion in the essay.

Perfect Paper Topic

Research Scheduling

The more sources available for a particular research topic, the more reading time the student will need to complete the research. It is important to know the deadline for the paper in order to assess which materials should be used for the research and how much time can be allotted for the reading and note taking of information from a particular source. As such, topics that require too much research or require detailed reading materials should be removed from the list.

Avoid Topic Fixations

Just because a topic is of keen interest to a student does not mean that it will make for a good research paper. Oftentimes, these topics tend to have less available material to support the research. As such, the obsession of the student to present a particular type of research endangers the completion of research paper within a given time frame. If a student finds himself in this bind, then he should merely adjust the topic or change the topic for the research paper altogether.

Use Connected or Supporting Research Topics When Required

There are times when a single research topic branches out into other topics because of the required supporting research. This creates a unique research presentation for the student as he then manages to provide a thoroughly researched paper that covers a wide expanse of interrelated research.

What is the Research All About?

Sometimes the best way to choose the topic for a research paper is to first ask, "What do I want to write about and why?" By developing a thesis statement or several thesis statements the student will find a proper direction for his research paper and also reveal what his research topic will be about or what its title might be.

Basically, the student must make sure that the research topic that is chosen does not require too much of his free time to complete. The topic needs to be impressive enough to catch the attention of the professor but simple enough for him to research within a reasonable timeframe. The sources should also be readily available either using an online library or the university information center. The research should not require any interviews or complicated information gathering set up if the deadline for the paper completion does not allow for such activities to take place.

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