As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to research and write. I would consider myself a natural born writer. I really started to become more conscious of my writing when I attended college, and began to learn the mechanics of researching and writing. Even though I majored in History, I took several English classes to write better. In addition, I also had several English tutors, who helped me to become a better writer. I completed a Bachelors degree in History, and then pursued further graduate studies to obtain my Masters degrees in International Relations and History. I also continued to work on my English research and writing skills as a graduate student. As a result of my diverse educational backgrounds and accomplishments, I developed excellent research and writing skills that have served me well in pursuing my doctorate in History. I know that these skills and qualifications have developed within me the qualities of an excellent research writer and an ideal candidate to work for your company.

Excellent Research Writer

I am an excellent research writer because along with being honest and reliable, I write and listen well. I have a good knowledge of proper grammar and sentence structure. I adhere to the rules of academic writing. I also respect and listen to the needs of my clients, which is extremely important for me. If the clients are not satisfied, then they will not pay for the work, so it is very necessary to meet their expectations. In addition, I am an excellent research writer because I am honest, which clients expect from those they entrust their work to be done free from plagiarism. Academic dishonesty would only make them get failing marks or even worse face disciplinary actions. In addition, it is highly crucial to keep all private information confidential in view of the stringent academic policies that both writers and clients must follow. I would never commit plagiarism of other people's works because it is dishonest, unethical and injurious to clients as well as writers. Thus, it is necessary that writers carefully follow proper citation regulations in their work.

I am an excellent research writer since I devote a great deal of time in researching and writing as well as meet the deadlines. I am very educated and write about subjects that I have already studied in my own academic career. However, I know the value of researching the topic of the academic paper (s) I am doing. In fact, I spend a great deal of time just researching the topic before I start writing it to make sure that the paper has the necessary information to make it as accurate and detailed as possible. Furthermore, as an excellent research writer, as long as I have adequate time to complete the work requested, it is very important for me to meet my clients' deadlines.

In conclusion, I am an excellent research writer because I have the qualities that you are looking for in the ideal candidate: I write well, am a great listener, make honest efforts, produce reliable papers, and meet deadlines. In addition, I take pride in my work going beyond the expectations of my clients by being particularly innovative, creative, and imaginative in my analysis and research. Specifically, I am talented in art and supplement my clients' papers with beautiful pictures, graphs, diagrams, charts, figures, tables, etc. that truly impress them. I research and write excellent papers for clients. Thus, all these qualities make me an excellent research writer and an asset for your company.