Tell us about yourself?

I am a former education professional, pool player and business owner. I have a wife and four children and an English Bulldog named Dozzer. I own a pool league business which I run two nights a week. My ultimate goal is to be a professional pool player. One can always dream right?

Freelance Editor

Why do you want to write for Custom Freelance Editors?

I miss the academic part of my life. While I was in education, next to the students, my favorite part of the job was writing academic work. I would write grant proposals and education articles. I would write performance evaluations well beyond the typical checklist format that was required. I love to write. I became burned out on education and after 26 years in the field, decided to go a totally different direction, thus I started the pool league business and writing.

I chose Custom Freelance Editors because I want my freelance writing experience to be both profitable and professional. I did a lot of research before deciding to apply at Custom Freelance Editors. My philosophy is to work with one company as opposed to writing for many. Custom Freelance Editors has excellent online reviews from other writers. This is what I was looking for. While it is all well and good to see great reviews for customers, I want to know how writers are treated. Writing is hard work and I want to work with a company that recognizes that and supports the writer, while providing a high-quality product to the client. The high-quality work is what will keep the clients coming back and will attract new clients as well. I know that I can provide the high-quality work that you expect.

Why are you an excellent writer?

I am an excellent writer because my work reflects on me as a person, plus I enjoy it. I take the time to think about the words that I put on the page. If I do not know something, I take the time to research it. I do not want to be associated with misinformation. I think this stems from my education background. One certainly does not want to teach students wrong information! I also take the time to edit, revise and proofread my own work. Many people are so thankful to get the work completed that they do not take the time to do this last important step to writing. I always do this part as I do not want my work going to anyone with silly mistakes and typing errors that can easily happen. What helps me to be an excellent writer is that I work, take a break, and then come back to the writing later. Of course, I am capable of taking on last minute work of which there is little to take long breaks, but taking breaks helps to avoid burn out so I hope to have reasonable due dates in which I can take breaks as necessary to ensure the quality of work is as it should be.

What are your personal interests?

I like pool, obviously. I also like being able to work independently. Working in the school system is rigid with strict schedules. I want flexibility so that I can pursue my other interests as well. I also love to travel. I mainly travel to go to pool tournaments. It lets me pursue two interests at one time. I take my family with me quite often, which lets me combine my favorite three things at once.